COVID-19 Guidelines

May 2020

Since the recent announcement that Estate Agents can now return to work, we are now open for business, but not quite back to complete normality just yet. We hope everyone has stayed safe and well during these unprecedented times and to keep both our clients and staff safe, we have implemented some strict measures which must be adhered to. Please do not be offended or alarmed, these are purely in place for everybody’s safety and wellbeing.

Clients visiting the office:

  • Appointments/ meetings must be made with a member of staff in advance to their visit and must be deemed as an essential visit.
  • We will refrain from shaking hands with visitors and remain at least 2 metres apart at all times whilst in the branch.
  • Our staff have been provided with PPE in the form of disposable gloves and facemask. Although we be able to provide hand sanitizer and washing facilities, we would strongly suggest brining PPE of your own.


  • We will respectfully ask that before our visit, the property is thoroughly cleaned and made clutter free. We suggest ensuring that all surfaces and door handles are sterilised using antibacterial spray and/or wipes where possible.
  • A physical valuation will only take place if you are seriously considering putting your property on the market for sale or rent. If you are simply curious, we would be more than happy to carry out a virtual valuation by video call.
  • It is important that we have clear access to the entire property. This may include gardens, garages, loft spaces and outbuildings. If for any reason a section of your property is not accessible, please notify us in advance of the appointment.
  • Before seeing you in person, we will outline the process of a valuation to give you an idea of how we work once inside your home.
  • We will refrain from shaking hands with anyone present on the valuation and remain at least 2 metres apart at all times while in your home.
  • If there are any specific requirements or request you have for us before entering your property, please outline them to a member of staff over the phone or by email.


  • Before any physical viewing, you will be given access to a 360 Virtual Tour to view at your leisure. If you wish to proceed with a viewing in person, we will then make the appropriate arrangements. Visit www.william- for more information.
  • Along with the agent/ homeowner, no more than two people may attend a property viewing at one time. We are also restricting any children from entering a property.
  • All parties involved in the property viewing must confirm that they have not displayed any symptoms of COVID-19 within the last 7 days. We also expect all parties to have had no contact with anyone showing symptoms with the last 14 days.
  • A 2 metre distancing rule will be enforced during property viewings both inside and outside the property.
  • The agent/ homeowner will be responsible for ensuring all doors are open and rooms are easily accessible. We respectfully ask that you don’t touch any of the following items listed (this applies to everyone including those using PPE):
    • Surfaces i.e. Kitchen worktops, hand rails, light switches.
    • Handles i.e. Doors, kitchen units, cupboards and storage.
    • Fixtures & Fittings i.e. Curtains, lighting.
    • Furniture i.e. Seating, tables, units.
    • Personal belongings of any kind
  • All parties present at the viewing will be required to use PPE including facemasks, disposable gloves and where possible, hand sanitiser. Our staff have been provided with full PPE for their own protection however we will expect you to provide your own PPE available for the viewing.
  • We are unable to provide back-to-back or multiple viewings within a short space of time at a single property.
  • The staff of William Charles and our vendors reserve the rights to refuse access to property at any given time.
  • To keep the volume of property viewings to a minimum at this time, physical viewings will be reserved for buyers in a ‘proceedable’ position only. This means that buyers must be able to proceed with an offer should they wish to after a viewing. This guideline can be made flexible at the discretion of William Charles our their staff.
  • If a property is vacant, the cleanliness and security of the property is the responsibility of William Charles and our staff.
  • If a property is occupied, the cleanliness and security of the property is the responsibility of homeowner/ occupier. We strongly suggest ensuring that all surfaces and door handles are sterilised using antibacterial spray and/or wipes before and after a physical viewing.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please contact us by telephone or email. We can assure all customers that we are taking extreme measure to ensure the safety of our staff and anyone involved in our activities.

Your property needs never stop, so neither do we.